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A satire for Linz09
Fortune telling with three cards at the "Half-Way Point" of Linz 09

A caricatured, visual commentary at the "half-way point" of Linz 09 - European Cultural Capital 2009
In the process, I brought the fairytale figures of Pöstlingberg, the laying of tarot cards and statements
from Linz09 artistic director Martin Heller into play.

Tarot and the Search for the Determination of Linz09

The tarot cards of the fairytale world of Pöstlingberg (the local mountain of Linz) depict the content and
sense of Linz09. It is the half-way point; the cards provide a comprehensive analysis and determination
of the position.

The search for the structure of the Linz09 soul?
Tarot, a real self-awareness – Linz 09
This fortune telling is conducted with three cards.
The fairytale tarot reveals aspects of the past, the present and the future.